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Californian with a Honda HR215sxa!

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Well Hello there to all! I've been browsing this forum for a while and needed to send someone a PM. So here I am registering.

A little about my mini tractor needs... I have a Honda HR215 push mower and I picked up last year for $200 bucks. It's been a great mower but is in need of a carb cleaning/adjustment. So here I am to learn and share!

Brian :)
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Brian, glad you registered and happy to have you aboard here with us. Hope you enjoy the site :).
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Welcome to the forum. I just sold my HRM215SXA. They are very easy to keep running. If you're going to clean the carburetor, you should also remove the fuel tank and clean it as well.

Make sure that you clean the engine thoroughly before your remove the carb from the motor. That way you won't get dirt in the carb when you begin to clean it.

If you don't feel comfortable taking the carburetor apart, sometimes just giving the engine a good cleaning then dropping the bowl and cleaning it will doo the trick.

If you do decide to clean the motor, just be careful with your water spray don't let any go down the intake or wet the filter.

I use simple green to clean my lawn mowers. It's biodegradeable and not greasy. It will clean all the gunk off your mower.

The Hondas are very forgiving. Add a little Seafoam to the fuel to stabilize and clean the carb. You won't have problems in the future.

My fellow members will correct me if I'm wrong. I not the best mechanic, but I am continuing to learn from some of the best here at MTF.

Good luck and again, welcome. We don't see many from the West Coast around here!

Here's my 1994 HR195SXA. Exactly the same as the HR215, but with the 19" deck. I have both the mulch plug and the high lift mulching blade. I also have the bag. the HR195 cannot take a dual blade like the HR215.


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Hey Thanks guys! I do have to say at a high of 82 degrees with 40% humidity, today was a perfect day to attack the carb! I grew up in the EFI world so this is my first attempt and I have to say, they are pretty simple inside! Used carb cleaner and a thin wire to clean out the ports, soaked the carb in cleaner for about 30 and blew everything dry. Baby fired right up happy but I think my next adjustment is the Governor. Any idea how to adjust thing thing with-out over revving the engine?

P.S. I took a couple shots that I'll upload soon ;)
Nice mower! Welcome to the tractor forums!
So a few more details... Originally it was setup for mulching so it does have the double blade. I added the bag ($100 new) as its needed with my bermuda filled lawn.

Heres my Mower :)

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Nice mower Brian! They're excellent mowers and will run forever.

One thing I've started doing: I'll put a fuel filter on EVERYTHING I run now. You can get a small clear plastic filter from Advance Auto for $3 I think. 1/4" filter, just run it inline with the fuel line. I got my lawn tractor running again this past weekend, and replaced all the fuel line and added the filter. When I re-filled the tank with gas, I couldn't believe all the bits of crud that came down the line with it (and got trapped in the filter). I also use the clear fuel tubing that you can get at Advance also. I like to be able to see the fuel in the line, so I can verify that the carburetor is getting fuel, if I ever have a problem.
Ahhh... things to do today :)

Install a fuel filter
Adjust governor <-- Think I screwed that up last night
Reset air/fuel mixture screw (1 1/2 turns out as standard)
Replace spark plug
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