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Cab question.

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I have found through the help of people on MTF a cab that may fit my 3018, if any one knows if a case 214 or 216 model tractor and a 3018 are similar please let me know I have the ability the modify it if needed just dont want to spend $250 and then cut it all up. Also I understand that you can adjust the actual auger on the snowcaster, can some one please explain the process to me
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Brian thank you for the info. The snow caster only has one hole were the auger and the side plate are mounted together. I looked for a model last evening and could not locate a vin plate or sn. I will try to find in when I get off work. The cab I have found is in fair shape it would need painted to match and it looked like the back glass is missing, but it does have a glass front windshield and the wiper. Do you think $250.00 is a fair price?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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