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Cab question.

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I have found through the help of people on MTF a cab that may fit my 3018, if any one knows if a case 214 or 216 model tractor and a 3018 are similar please let me know I have the ability the modify it if needed just dont want to spend $250 and then cut it all up. Also I understand that you can adjust the actual auger on the snowcaster, can some one please explain the process to me
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If you mean are a Case/Ingersoll 224/226 are similar ... then yes, the 3018 is almost identical dimensionally.

A few updates around the foot rest area may present some work arounds, but I would expect not very much at all.

If your snowcaster has a multitude of holes on the auger bearing support plates (on either end of the snowcaster housing), then this is adjustable at that location.

Simply put, those plates mount the auger axis slightly out of center. If you rotate the mounting plate around the diameter of the attaching holes, you will see that the auger orbits around in the housing, adding or reducing clearances.

If you have a later style with plain end plate (1 hole), write back with the model number and we can advise on the adjustment procedure.

This time of year, $250 is a pretty fair price for a cab. Arguably a good price any time.

Backlite can easily be replaced with plexiglass or tempered safety glass, at a local glass shop.

There are 2 styles of adjuster after the eccentric cams.

One has multiple holes at the driveshaft mount, on the RH side of the snowcater near the small gear. Loosen the driveshaft bearing mount plates, both inboard and outboard, then reposition the driveshaft to improve chain tension.

The other (S80/84 and SB models) is a jackshaft of sorts, which pulls the driveshaft rearward, allowing fine adjustment of the chain. Also loosen the driveshaft bearings inboard and outboard, before doing this.

Don't forget to tighten up the clamshells on the driveshaft bearings when finished.

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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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