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I am in search of a cab filter for a FullVision brand cab. It is on a 185 Allis.
I've searched high & low on line.
The measurements are H 6" x W 38" x D 2" .
It goes in front of the fans in the overhead, drop-down heater housing.

Thanks Guys

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Give these folks a cal as they make custom. But think you have to buy 6, which would be about roughly $140. Custom Air Filters For Your AC & Furnace | Filterbuy

You could try here. Just one place I found that makes 2" filters and these "Service rolls might help. Or they may be able to give you a line on something. After all it's just a toll free call. Good luck.

Flanders Corporation ~ Foremost in Air Filtration
Toll Free: 1-800-800-2210
Service Rolls
Flanders Service Rolls air filtration media are
manufactured in selected widths, prepared in roll
lengths that make manageable roll sizes. In most
cases, a single cut across the roll will produce a
ready-to-install filter pad.
The following media are offered as service rolls:
Spun Glass: (Models SGxxxxKK) This is a rigid,
nominal 3/8” thick, dry spun glass. It is typically
used to make rigid pads for use in room unit air
conditioners. It is designed for use without a frame.
Since it is untreated, it will not harm the plastic frequently
used in the construction of room units.
Foam: (Models FRxxxxx) A rugged polyurethane
foam that is designed for use in room unit air conditioners
and in pad-holding frames. It is washable
and will withstand repeated cleaning with mild soap
and water. Foam service rolls are available in 1/4”,
1/2”, 1” and 2” media thicknesses. They are washable
for repeat use.
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