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c5rulz's Stihl 028 Super

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I just got done building a Stihl 028 Super for c5rulz. He bought the saw new 20+ years ago and we freshened it up with new A/V mounts, crank seals, impulse line, fuel line, fuel filter, carb rebuild, starter rope, fuel & oil caps, piston & rings and topped it off with a woods port. For those that don't know what that means, that means I ported the cylinder.

We did several tests videos with it before and after. Without going into to much detail about the different tests, this video shows how c5rulz would be use to cutting with a brand new out of the box Stihl RMC .325 chain:

As you can see it was a good running saw..

This is how it cuts now after the above mentioned work:

And another of it being worked:

The saw will be in the mail tomorrow and you will have it later in the week. I hope you enjoy it and most of all STAY SAFE!

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Well I am excited to get this saw back from Kevin.:praying:

First a little background:

On Jan. 6 I started a thread on (chainsaws) regarding how my new Husqvarna 346XP didn't seem to quite pull like my 20 year old Stihl 028 Super when the nose was buried in the wood.

Many chimed in on how the 346XP should have the muffler modded and a port job done. I did have it re-tuned at the shop since the dealer set it up rich for break in. This did help the saw. However Kevin (who started this thread) offered to re-build/refurbish this saw and do a port job on the aging 028 Super. Kevin was of the opinion that the 028 which is a pro line saw would really wake up with some modern tweaking.

What is more important is how I have developed a friendship with someone I have never met who did all this work and asked for nothing in return other than the wholesale cost of the parts. If anything this thread proves that there are some decent people left in the world.

A big thumbs up to the "Chainsaw Kid" aka "Sawz All":thanku::thThumbsU
Congrats Kevin on picture posting.

That makes you a computer guru too now?:howdy:
Call me Grasshopper.:trink39:
The big cutting job of "nutting but boxelder, cut em and leave them lay" will probably be the middle of the week.

Today I cut up a small 16" oak into firewood. I just sent you some pics of the plug and wanted to make sure it wasn't too lean. My camera doesn't like real close up shots so these are so so.:dunno:

Inside the cylinder looks nice and shiny.:fing32:

figured I'd try and get the overenthusiastic folks here into it :howdy:

Perhaps we need to find saw you bought for a buck that was found under a junk car at Grandpa's farm and got it to run for 44 seconds. Maybe we need a "Wild Thang" project. :trink40:
I was checking the compression via pulling it over twice without running before pulling the plug. So the plug was slightly wet and was not any particular color other than slightly brown, but not the coffee color I'd like to see.

It did stall once while idling today. I think the low speed is off slightly.

As a rule it doesn't idle much between cuts.

I've only run two tanks through it. Tomorrow I will probably be cutting with Keith, however I'll take the 346 since we are cutting TSI, (timber stand improvement) stuff which will be small stuff and applying Tordon to trash species. i.e. box elder, cedar, elm.
Well ran 2 tanks through it yesterday and it really pulls with authority. We were cutting a 26"dry dead elm we dropped. I then bucked it up into firewood. Keith tried it and did a bunch of plunge cuts to test the power and he was impressed.:trink39:
So what model saws do you reccomend for rebuilding/projects?

Husky XP's? Stihl 026/260, 028, 044/440, 441, 460, 660, 880?
I run an old 028 WB. I bought it used in 97 and have used it a bunch. I upgraded to electronic ignition a few years ago and ran the sprocket down to the nub. I've probably put more $$ into it then I should, but my kids think it is cool because it says "Made in West Germany" on the side. It has been a good firewood/cleanup saw.


Switch the spur sprocket over to a rim. Much better design and easier to change.:fing32:

It is in there somewhere along with my brother's MS361.

So is there story on the tree on the house? Or was it mother nature?
Wow, $ucks to be a jeep.:dunno: Talk about wrong place wrong time.:banghead3
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