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c5rulz's Stihl 028 Super

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I just got done building a Stihl 028 Super for c5rulz. He bought the saw new 20+ years ago and we freshened it up with new A/V mounts, crank seals, impulse line, fuel line, fuel filter, carb rebuild, starter rope, fuel & oil caps, piston & rings and topped it off with a woods port. For those that don't know what that means, that means I ported the cylinder.

We did several tests videos with it before and after. Without going into to much detail about the different tests, this video shows how c5rulz would be use to cutting with a brand new out of the box Stihl RMC .325 chain:

As you can see it was a good running saw..

This is how it cuts now after the above mentioned work:

And another of it being worked:

The saw will be in the mail tomorrow and you will have it later in the week. I hope you enjoy it and most of all STAY SAFE!

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I should send you my dad's old 028 WB. He bought it new in 1980 I think, quit running in late 90's, never ran since. Local shop put a new carb on it, bit as soon as you hit wood, it would die. Man it was a great saw, wished I could get it back to performing some day.
His is stamped "made in Germany" on the side too :fing32:
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