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C/I Owners and the Story of Stuff

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..... Consider the number of these tractors that are 30 some years old and still running strong, many without fastidious maintenance. Those of us on this and other tractor sites understand the durability of the Case/Ingersoll and that is why we are delighted to acquire a 30-40 year old tractor and bring it back to top condition. Sadly this world has been consumed with the throwaway mentality and many manufacturers have fed this mindset by producing products that are guaranteed to die within a few short years and cannot be repaired. As a result most people looking for a tractor will walk right by a dingy looking Case and buy a shiny new big box store tractor. That's fabulous news for most of us because we can buy a good running Case for as little as $500 and know that with a little TLC it will be virtually as good as a $5000 new Ingersoll.

I stole this from another thread as it was a perfect lead in to a website that someone shared with me a few weeks back

Story of Stuff

Most of you may think that this should go off to the round table - off topic section; however, I placed it here as I find that the mind set of the people I have met (virtually of course) here is very much anti-stuff. In a way you all seem to have been living the anti-stuff lifestyle at least in some way for a while now - and better yet, the C/I product seems to be built against the "stuff" ethos as well.

Hope you enjoy. Comments, thoughts are welcome.
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I'm not sure what the Story of Stuff is,but as for your bold lettered quote.
I agree that vary few things are made to last.We get bored with what we have and want something else,so we don't need to buy something of high quality because that cost to much.So the demand for the "Good Stuff"is not as great so the price of production is higher.
I wasn't raised to throwaway thing(sometimes that's not good )but I was tought to fix it not pitch it.
Alot of people don't realize that things can be built to last.
My family is into antique tractor pulling and those tractor could still do a days work with no problem,they just aren't big enough for the fast pace life we are in.In fact the DC Case my son and I pull is hooked to a mowing machine alot of the times when it come time to play.
They were not built to throwaway.
Show me a brand X lawn mower 2-3 years old the will hold to a light to a 20-30 year old Case or Ingresoll.
I hope I didn't stray from your intent much.
Terry T
That was all well said guys.
There used to be a lawn mower guy in every town who could fix anything on one in no time and not charge much and along with what Bart said those guy are almost all gone and you go to the dealer or throw it away.I don't know how many push mowers people have given me cause they wouldn't start and they went and got a new one.
And the dealer (not all) don't always have mechanic on staff they have "Parts Changers"put I guess that is where the economic support comes in (new parts)
Terry T
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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