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BZT2250 “cut of height” electric motor

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I was recently gifted a bzt2250, Kawasaki 25HP with a bad cylinder. I swapped in a 27HP Briggs vtwin with the conical air filter thing. Anyway it runs great. However. When I go to engage the deck height adjustment motor with the toggle switch, as soon as I move it to up or down it kills the motor. Then the motor will not crank. I have to manually pull the main fuse and put it back in to restart. This seemed odd to me. Anyway it does restart after removing the fuse or taking the battery offline. I’m trying to figure out how to disassemble that deck height motor/actuator to see if I can get it to spin free, it sat for several years so I’m hoping it’s just frozen. Anyone know if that’s possible because a new unit is like $700. It’s part Bunton 2720642 (on jacks small engine parts dot com). Hope someone has seen this issue!
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So I got the electric motor off and spun it a few times. Put it all back together and tested it directly on a battery and it works fine. I’ll put it back on the mower but first I’ll check to make sure I’m getting 12v to the plug. Does anyone know how a short or seized electric motor would kill the whole mower and not just blow a fuse? Is there something I don’t know about the delay module? I don’t see any protection on the electric deck lifting system. Just hooks to the main harness in the wiring diagram.
Welcome to MTF! Lots of info here and great members to help and share with, enjoy the site! If it is hooking to the main harness then likely it is protected by a fuse in the system. Found this:

Bunton, Bobcat, Ryan 642233E BZT 2250 25HP KAW W/61 Side Discharge (S/N 3562 and above) Parts Diagram for KAWASAKI WIRE HARNESS (
thanks! Yeah I had been looking at that exact diagram. It actually doesn't show where the deck height connects I think mine is a different S/N, but I can trace that. I just don't get why it wouldn't blow a fuse, and instead kills everything. Then I have to take the main fuse out and put it back in to get any power back to the ignition switch. :D it's kinda crazy but hopefully I will get it figured out when I have time to look at it again.
Only thing I can think of is that instead of a short, you are getting an open and that would be why it isn't blowing fuses. However, doesn't explain why resetting fuse is making it work again.
First, I think that is one of the worse schematics I have ever seen, can't read much of anything.

I think the lift motor is causing a fault code to be set in one of the modules killing the power.
Removing the fuse lets the fault code to be reset, which restores power.
Since the schematic is for a machine with a manual deck lift, where the lift switch/motor is tied into the harness is not shown.

There is also a chance you have a connection that is making contact, but just barely.
The load from the deck lift motor is to much for the connection and it loses power.
That said, a bad connection is not likely to reset by removing and reinstalling the main fuse, so I have about talked myself out of that option while typing my response.
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