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The Backyard Round Table - L&G Tractor Related Topics Forum is intended for general discussions directly related to Lawn and Garden tractors. It has become sort of a catch-all forum with many threads better suited for the numerous other forums we have here. Because of the high volume of posting in this forum, it's not always possible for the staff to catch and properly place a thread before there is significant discussion.

Subjects for this forum should be directly related to L&G tractors in general. Brand specific threads should be posted in their respective forums, along with threads regarding attachments specific to a brand of L&G tractor. We are asking your help in getting threads into the correct forum for maximum visibility.

We want to encourage everyone to look at the numerous forums we have here and help us by trying to get your threads posted in the best forum. This keeps everyone happy and actively reading the forums they like without finding it muddled with threads which they may feel misplaced.

Here are some examples of good topics for BYRT:
- Which tractor should I buy?
- Ag lugs vs. turf tires vs. ATV tires.
- Loading tires, installing wheel weights, installing snow chains.
- Who made this tractor?
- Which GTs can use a FEL?

All of those are thread topics which can apply to any tractor, regardless of color.

Some of the topics we see there which could be better placed would include

- I built a shed... Nothing to do with tractors really, even though you might park your 1963 Bolens tube frame in it. WorkShops, Garage, and Shed Discussions is the place for that topic. This way all can see it and it's useful to everyone.

- My snowblower... If it's a tractor mounted snowblower, it should go in the tractor's brand specific forum. If it's a general topic such as opinions on Bercomac tractor mounted blowers, that's a good one for BYRT.

- My tiller... Here again, if it is a model specific to a tractor, in the tractor brand specific forum. If it's a generic or universal mount tiller, then it should go into Accessories and Attachments (under Tractor Talk). Or a walk behind might go in Tiller Talk under Growing Crops.

- I painted my... Paint is always a good topic for everyone, and is useful beyond just tractors. We have a Mechanical, Paint and Restorations forum where these discussions should happen.

- My Small Engine... Your much better off asking questions in the small engine forum, where the members that can help the most often visit and will help you, if they see your questions. Some members that help in that forum are professional small engine mechanics.

- My tomatoes... It doesn't matter what color tractor you drive, maters are maters, and should be discussed in one of the sub-forums under Growing Crops.

- My Ariens.... Should land in the Ariens GT forum.

- My head hurts... In the Health and Fitness forum under Non-Tractor Related Forums.

- Driving home through the holler... Off-Topic, Photography, or The Great Outdoors depending on how you finish that statement out.

- Three guys from Boston are driving through Alabama.... Off-Topic, Humor and Jokes (but keep it clean).

Thanks for your help in keeping your forum on topic.
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