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Bypass Variator

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Using a 1969 JD 110 for tractor pulling. Variator robs power. Has anyone out there ever taken the variator completely off and just run longer belt from engine to transmission? Thanks for any help
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I have pulled with my 212 and had no issue with the variator but I was also about mid pack as far as distance pulled. Are you wanting a ratio reduction as provided by the variator or just a direct drive to the transmission? The 208 did not have a variator, in its place was a solid two groove reduction pulley. But if you wanted a direct ratio you could replace the variator with say a 4" two groove idler pulley. In any case I don't think you want to run a single long belt from engine to transaxle, it would be very difficult to control whipping unless you made a belt guard to control movement.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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