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BX25 Log Splitter

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I bought a used log splitter that I wanted to hook up to my BX25 and after reading about the power beyond system, and various valves I thought I would just go with a setup that would leverage the existing loader valve to operate the log splitter. I had some hoses made up that would reach from the front loader valve to the back of the log splitter, removed the valve that was on the log splitter. I then ran 1 hose from one side of the cylinder to the bucket roll forward, and the second hose from the opposite side of the cylinder to the bucket roll back. My thought was that this should operate just like any of the cylinders on the loader. To my surprise with this configuration the log splitter doesn't seem to move in either direction. Am I missing something? It seems to me the that the log splitter should mimic the action of any of the other hydraulic cylicders on the front loader. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Some wood splitters use a closed hydraulic system and will not operate with an open system valve. I would try using the valve that came on the splitter, if that does not work there is a chance your pump is not compatible, but lets hope I'm wrong about that and someone with more knowledge gives you a simple fix.
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