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bx24 or 25?

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bx25 or bx24? which to buy??
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The BX25 has a few more features that many find to be more favorable over the BX24 and of course it's the newest latest and greatest of the BX TLB's :D

Namely, many like that the BX25 went back to the metal fenders and hood.
There were many complaints of the abruptness of the stop when moving in reverse w/the BX24 and the BX25 reportedly doesn't have this annoyance.
A disadvantage of the BX25 is that Kubota has now made the 3ph an option that runs approx $200 to $300 more.

To be fair, there are many BX24 owners that don't seem to have a problem w/the abrupt stop in reverse and other than a few problems with the plastic fenders cracking in the 1st production run are about the only serious complaints re. the BX24. Later redesigns and mod's have eliminated the cracked fenders from what I've read.

If the price diff is substantial it may well be worth your time to test out the BX24 and see if you can live with the way it stops in reverse, if so it would be a good machine for you. Just make sure you drive both before you sign on the dotted line, that way you'll know which is best for you.
Good luck
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thanks volfandt.i finaly talked my father into getting rid of his cub cadet.their snowblowers isn't made that great,he heads for florida and #2 son rips it to pieces.#1 son(me) has to come and fix it!!plus he got 5 more acres to mow.i want the backhoe to play with!!
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