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When I turn I have to turn the wheel quite a bit before the tractor starts to turn. It feels like the fluid is leaking past a seal in the cylinder that the steering wheel is attached to. It happens turning in both directions. Does anyone have a diagram of the internals of this cylinder or info on how to rebuild it? Has anyone else had this problem? I'd rather try to fix it rather then buying a new one $$$$! Thanks.

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Welcome aboard Razkid.
Kubota makes a seal rebuild kit for the steering cylinder and I don't think that it costs that much.
The problem you're explaining is commonly due to the seals failing in the cylinder and if you're mechanically inclined it's not complicated. You can also just purchase a new cylinder at a much higher cost.
You can contact for pricing and info or (they will provide youa free download IPL).

I haven't had to repair mine yet but from what I've read it's easier to disconnect/reconnect the lines with the cylinder unbolted.

Good luck & let us know.
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