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BX22 Seat Replacement

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BX22 Replacement Seat

After scouring the web for replacement seats and only finding one that claimed to be a bolt up which would cost me about $130 after shipping I decided to go to the local Kubota dealership and just price a new seat. Low and behold the Kubota replacement from the dealership was $12 less. So I ordered it.

Guess what.....the bottom of the new seat is is made different and will not fit. The bolt holes are correct, spaced 5.5"X7.5" and will line up like they should but the way the bottom of the new seat is made is doesn't fit the frame. I just hope the dealership will take the new seat back......back to square one. A torn up rotted seat.

BTW, this is for the BX that was left to me. Just so yall will know....I am fixing it back up! Any suggestions on where to find a replacement seat?
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