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BX22 Propeller Shaft Joints

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I have the shaft out of my tractor to replace the HST fan, CV boots and both joints. In looking at the parts diagram of the CV joint, it shows O-ring dampeners under each ball in the joint. The joints on this tractor are the original joints with 1300+ hours of run time and I have no clue how long they've been running with no boots. When I removed one of the joints from the shaft, I cant find any O-rings under the balls or where they might go other than they just lay in the cup that the ball goes in and the ball sits on top. I guess its possible that over time with dirt and grime the O-rings got chewed up.

Can anyone that's replaced one of these joints on their BX share a little wisdom?
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Good morning--Mr Ehenry---can't help with the question about the O-rings--but look forward to seeing your repairs. :fing32:
BTW--isn't this the tractor you got from your good fiend who passed away?

Yes, its the tractor my friend left me.
Stopped by local Kubota dealer to see if parts had come in.....they had not but I did talk to one of their mechanics about the o-rings and he couldn't give me an answer cause he had never done one. He looked up the same drawing I did and said it sure looks like all the o-ring does is sit in the cup under the ball. I'm still hoping someone that's done this will chime in to say for sure.
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Just so everyone will know and you all may already....if and when you need to replace the CV joints on the propeller shaft, the balls and O-rings are ordered and shipped single so make sure you order 4 of each. The new parts guy at the dealership didn't know this when I placed my order. so I had to order 7 more balls and O-rings.

On the bright side, the shaft came out with out having to move the engine. So far its been fairly easy.
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Now I'm confused--what holds the ball bearings in place?? Not just an O-ring?
A snap ring hold the joint assembly in place in the coupler. which keeps the balls in place. The rubber O-rings sit down in the cup where the ball goes and acts as a "dampener". When I took the joint apart I found no evidence at all of any O-rings at all.

You can look at the picture of the parts breakdown. It shows the o-ring going under the ball.
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One joint is back together. I took the other joint apart and found that the flange coupling that the CV joint slides in to on the other end of the shaft is going to need replacing. Ordered it yesterday.
One thing after another--usually the way it is...

Boy--after looking @ the drawings --I learned something new...
The rest of the parts came in today. I'll be getting 'Fred' back together tomorrow.

Also got some relief valve shims too!
If you have the time please take a few pictures.
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