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BX-2380 air in hydraulic system

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BX-2380 with LP 4-in-one bucket. Took delivery of new machine Sept. 2018. Back to dealer 3 times for same problem. Dealer has replaced the 4-line hyd quick disconnect (factory recall), and the center bucket hyd cyl. Symptoms: bucket does not hold position, it simply flops back and forth under very light load. Apparently, acts like there is air in the hyd cyl instead of fluid. Almost full rotation of bucket. In the video, I am NOT moving hyd control lever, just moving the machine F and R. You can see free play in all 5 of the hyd cyls if you look carefully. Hyd fluid level FULL when machine cold.

Before I return machine to dealer for the 4th time, what can I check? Thanks Steve


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First visit to dealer, they said they could not identify a problem. No repairs made. So I made demonstration video #1, and after viewing it, back to dealer at their request.
Second visit, the dealer rebuilt the curl cyl. Rebuild did not cure problem. So I made demonstration video #2, showing the after-rebuild, same problem. Back to dealer again at their request.
Third visit to dealer, they replaced the curl cyl with a new one. Again, no cure, even with new cyl. I have advised svc mgr of this. (Demonstration video #3 is posted here w/ the new cyl.)
Service manager, to his credit, is very cooperative, and told me a few days ago, that he will pursue this issue with his Kubota technical services rep.

Is it possible that the seals are failing in the cyl? Twice?
4-in-1 bucket has anything to do with it?
Lifting capacity of FEL seems to me to be well below specs. Light loads (full bucket of wood chips) will lift, but ever so very slowly.
When driving around, empty bucket has excessive free play (my opinion), bangs around too much, compared to other FELs .
Steve, I have a 2019 BX2380 experiencing the same problem. Did they ever resolve the issue with your BX loader? If so can you tell me what the did to fix it?

Thank you,
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