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Buy New L3800 HST or Used L3240 ???

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Well to start things off I am totally new to Tractors. I used a old ford 2wd tractor over 15 years ago when I was young but thats about all my tractor experience. Well with the recent purchase of 47 acres and the need to take care for it comes the need of a tractor. Most of the area is cleared and high grass with trees lining some pastures and fence lines and also has a stream. I would be using the tractor for keeping down the tall fields and brush at first with a rotary cutter and then in the next year or so When I plan to build my house on the property and sell the one I am in now I will be doing the same things with addition of other maintenance including taking care of the long gravel driveway and also possibility of animal chores with a FEL bucket. I thought I would try things out by looking at local dealers around the area and seeing what they recommend. I was looking to stay around the 20-23K range with a Tractor, FEL, rotary cutter and box blade. I stopped by a couple Kubota dealers along with a Yanmar dealer. I looked at the B3300SU, L3200 and L3800 models at the Kubota and the EX3200 at the yanmar. I haven't stopped by the Deere dealer yet because with some of the things Ive read about plastic parts, and fuel gauges mounted on the hood and what seems to be overpriced models. After getting some prices, paying cash, from the dealers they were follows, EX3200 $19,000, B3300SU $16,500, L3200 $17,800, L3800 $19,350. All of these prices are without tax and with the pin on bucket FEL loaders and R4 tires. After these prices I kind of narrowed it down to the L3800. Here is where it gets tricky. I then looked on the used market since I could same money without paying tax to a person selling a tractor themselves and also maybe "upgrade" this way. I found a local guy selling a 2010 L3240 with a 724 loader QA 72" bucket as well as R4 tires with the rears filled and a 72" rear blade. He is the second owner as he tells me and the machine has only 200 hours and only 15 hours on the 724 loader since when he bought it at the Kubota dealer used he had them trade out the smaller 5series loader with a 724 QA bucket. He is asking $16000 firm and I believe with my small amount of knowledge this is a fair price. I could then put off buying a box blade and try the regular blade out for a bit and but a nice Land pride RC1260 from my local Kubota dealer which he quoted $1300 and still be way under a new L3800 with box blade and rotary cutter with a better tractor.

What are everyone opinions? Is that a fair price for the used L3240? also what would be the best route since the new tractor would carry warranties and the used one most likely doesn't? Go used L3240 or New L3800??

Oh. and prices reflect me buying in cash.

Thank you

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I would go with the L3800. I recently bought and L3200(basically the same machine just a little less horsepower)and I love it.
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