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Buy Landlord & sell Broadmoor?

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I recently bought a 2001 Broadmoor with 250 hours on it and seems like a fine machine, really nothing wrong with it. It has a 2-year-old (brand-new at the time) K-61 transaxle. I like the machine and it seems nice and maneuverable.

I've been looking around for a used snow thrower and haven't found one yet. However, I spotted a 1999 Landlord with 300 hours on it that has a snow thrower and a turbo bagger included. This machine also has hydraulic lift and seems to be garage kept and well-maintained. The asking price is $2000 for the Landlord. Does that seem like a reasonable price?

I figure I could winterize my Broadmoor and sell it in the spring without any loss, I've got $700 in that one.

Also, I wouldn't want to use the turbo bagger, I prefer mulching. Is it possible to sell the turbo bagging system or can I put it on the Broadmoor and would it increase the value of that machine?

All thoughts welcome!

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If its the DLX landlord with power steering then yes!
If its the DLX landlord with power steering then yes!
No power steering.
Then too much. The newer ones are foot controled and power steering. Its still a nice unit but not a 2k machine by a long stretch. I would say 1000-1500 on the high side retail. And that is if you really want it! This is the time of year people sell because they have to and the price usually reflects that...this time, not so much!
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Thanks for the info on pricing. I'll just keep looking for a blower.
It could be different in your area, I am near Milwaukee. My guess is the more rural you are the less you will get.
I bought a machine this year just because it had a turbo bagger system with it. I don't use it for anything except leafs. I love it, no more raking for me. I have seaeral maple trees in and around my yard, and they're just starting to fall here. 60" deck, and turbo bagger= GREAT!
My yard is cut out of the middle of the woods and I've got a couple of large maple trees and a couple of large oaks in the yard. The leaves are falling here, as well. I just was out with the mulching deck making the leaves just vaporize. I love it!
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