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bush hog or mower KUBOTA BX2230

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hey guys, i've purchased a 2.25 acre lot and need to start cleaning it up in hopes of having a building put up before the end of the year....i've got a buddy thats gonna sell me his Kubota bx2230 for a great has the front end loader and a mower question is this, the property currently has hay growing on it...its about maybe 16 inches tall......i was reading some info on the net, and ran across an article stating that a bush hog and not a mower should be used on tall grass........being new to this ( first tractor owner ), i'm a little concerned about this as I don't wanna ruin this Kubota...Do any of you guys mow tall grass with your CUT.... any thoughts or suggestions on this would certainly be appreciated...thanks in advance for any replies... amcdv
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a brush would work good for a 1 time low cut, or use the deck you have and leave it up and go slow don't let the tractor bog down for chance of the mower belt slippin and chewing it up. just my thoughts. i think either way will be fine a brush hog would just be fast 1 time cut, MMM or pull behind may take a couple cuts.
My father mows fields for radio station towers with his John Deere X500 (a much smaller, gas-powered tractor than your BX)... the grass is usually taller than his tractor when he mows. He just uses his Mid-Mount Mower and does fine.

His only complaint is he has to go slow because the discharge chute plugs up. This is where a REAR-DISCHARGE 3pt brush hog or 3pt finish mower would be faster for you. He also has to make two passes to get a finished look.

In other words: your tractor should be able to do it fine for the first mow, but if you plan to often let the grass get quite tall, it may be worth the $$$ to get a 3pt brush hog / finish mower.
thanks guys, i was hoping i wouldnt have to buy a bush hog, as i do plan on keeping it trimmed down after the 1st cut..will give it a try....if it doesn't go well, I'll get one of the locals to have at it with a larger tractor . thanks again ... amcdv
The initial cut should be with a bush hog..If you are going to keep it mowed regularly, I would suggest a finish mower.

The finish mower gives it a better cut..:fing32:

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I use a Woods finish mower behind my Kubota... It will cut trees 1-2" thick with no problem... One mower for both jobs...
The Kubota with a mid mounted mower will do the trick, but it depends. The land could be all nice like a lawn, or it could be like pasture, or have lots of big rocks and/or big roots or smallish trees. If the latter, you'll need a bush hog. If the land is like a lawn, you won't need a bush hog.
You probably already know this, but: Just be sure to mow at the highest setting for the first pass: I'd mow it with the mower in the "park" position, if your tractor allows.
David's point is right on. If it's 16 inches tall and you don't know the land, there could be rocks and stumps you won't find until you ruin your mower. A brush hog will make gravel and chips out of those and won't ruin blades or shafts. If you don't want to buy a brush hog, can you get someone to mow it once for you? Maybe even rake and bale hay off it so you can see what's there. Once it's mowed and you know it's safe, you can use a mmm -- I keep my two small fields clear w/ a mmm -- we don't do hay anymore but I don't want the fields coming back in weed trees.
The picture is of my field next to the yard that I cut with the 5' bush hog, it was 1 1/2 ft high at the time, dried out weeds turn into sticks... this is only one pass.

It would have been somewhat of a better cut with fresh blades. I mow the lawn with the bush hog too if it's on the tractor and I'm in a hurry.

My lawn is all field grass and weeds so it's not ever going to compete with a nice lawn no matterrr waht type of mower I use. Bush hog mows good enough.


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hey guys, got the area mowed with the MMM....took a while with 2 passes, but is done...2230 never bogged down or ran hot...i do have other issues though, the previous owners had a mobil home on the lot and they planted a dozen or more bushes for landscaping...the bushes are about 3 to 4 feet tall and wide,.....i dont want to dig them out by hand, so im wondering if the FEL will scrape these flush with the surface....or is there a better way to remove these.....this tractor is new to me and i dont wanna break something in the first couple of weeks...thanks for any replies in advance... amcdv
If the bushes are snow ball bushes or shrubs that have soft branches back your bush hog over them and lower it a little at a time. I keep a bottle of Tordon brush killer handy to poor over the freshly cut trunks. Wear safety glases at all times when mowing, and never let anyone near your machine when the mower is running , you never know what you are going to hit and have fly out, some things you can't see.

I hit a 1" steel bar about 2' long that must have fallen off a truck when I was mowing along the highway. I didn't see it laying in the grass and I always look for trash people throw out their windows. The noise it made scared the **** out of me.

One other time I hit a somthing small and it shot out from under the bush hog and hit a car going by as I was mowing, the guy never stopped so he must not of heard the thing hit over the tractor and bush hog's noise.
im wondering if the FEL will scrape these flush with the surface.
The FEL will not likely scrape them flush and it may be difficult to dig them out with the FEL. With patience, it can be done, but will tear up a lot of the yard around the bushes.. but using the FEL, you'll be able to smooth out the ground pretty easily.
this tractor is new to me and i dont wanna break something in the first couple of weeks
There's not really much you could that would damage the tractor when trying to remove the bushes.
....or is there a better way to remove these.....
I've found the tooth bar to be very handy when removing trees/bushes/stumps: it helps dig into the ground and grab the roots. It's also handy for moving brush, logs, etc.
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