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Bush hog d-4-7 info needed

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Does anyone know when these were made?Are there any collectors out there i could get parts from?Ive been digging around for a few days and am unable to find much info.Thanks


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Did i post this question in the wrong spot?
No, it's fine here 603, just appears no one in the know has seen it yet that can offer any info. for you :).
Thanks,thats more info than ive found all week!!
Thanks,thats more info than ive found all week!!
Anytime :fing32:
If I remember correctly member Olcowhand has a couple of BushHog tractors. PM him and see if he can point you in the right direction.
I used to own one,but mine had a 7-1/4 HP Wisconsin mounted sideways with a belt driven Peerless transaxle,not like the one pictured here that had a bellhousing and a "real" clutch like a car...I have seen two just like yours in the past year or two for sale,both pretty rough shape,but they had a live PTO sticking out of the back,and a 5 speed tranny with high and low had a 10 HP Wisconsin,the other had an old cast iron HH Tecumseh or Lauson engine and looked original,so I guess they came both ways..

My Bush Hog was a very rugged beast even though it wasn't the "better" style with the hi-lo tranny and PTO..I used mine to push the dirt I excavated from my garage foundation back up against the walls after they were poured,both inside and outside ! saved me weeks of hand had the ruggedest plow & push frame I've ever seen on any garden tractor..low gear was a creeper,there wasn't much it would not pull or push in low!..
Bush Hog model D4-7. Has a Wisconsin S-7D motor. Single cylinder motor.
I just bought two pretty nice D4 10 Bush Hog tractors that look like yours probably pretty much the same but 10 HP Wisconsin.Got some extra parts and other goodies what parts do you need?
olecowhand is very knowledgeable on the bushhog brand give him a pm.bushhog bought out shaw manufacturing i believe it was in the early 60's and i believe built them under the bushhog name until the early 70's.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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