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Bulk PK manuals and implement info.

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I would like opinions! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have read threads and seen other postings about this group of manuals, and this CD filled with info!
BUT what is really helpful?
I seem to be finding the enormous amount of compatibility with different models. So with the manuals in front of me, I can move forward with some of my repairs and adjustments in a more productive way!(once the wrenches get going, nobody want s to stop!) Just want a blunt answer if there is one of what you prefer!
Thanks guys
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There are CDs floating around out there with LOTS of information. I have a friend in Indiana who scans new material that he comes up with every year and makes a new CD. He doesn't sell them, he gives them out at shows and such. With Economy tractors, you can never have too much information. Find what you need, print it out and go. You'll soon discover that no two PKs are exactly alike. Did you know that some of the tractor actually have the serial number scratched into the frame under the sheet metal beneath your left foot? Some did, some didn't. It all depended on who was working what shift and what they were drinking/smoking the night before. You can have back to back serial numbers and have obvious differences between the two. Sad but true. The company record keeping wouldn't have won any awards either. All that and they built arguably the best garden tractor out there in terms of rugged simplicity. But, hey, I'm getting off track here. In short, the more info you have, the better off you are. Join the big PK group on Yahoo groups and ask for a set of CDs.
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Thanks AGAIN! Felt weird to just ask. I made a trade request. I have a nursery, so I made a trade request, plants for pk info!!!!!
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