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Building own 3pt hitch for x700 - Cat 1 or Cat 0?

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I use a front blade with 4 way hydraulics and i wanted be able to use a 3pt, however there wasn't enough hydraulics to go around. So for my 425 I bought a Kolpin dirtworks 3pt hitch and I like it. However the electric actuator doesn't have enough guts and is slow.

I do like that the hitch is removable for mowing and isn't hanging off the back when I don't need it. So I have already made the receiver hitch for the x700.

To sweeten the deal on the 425, I want to include the kolpin 3pt hitch or maybe sell it separately instead of reusing it on the x700 due to the faults.

However I will "borrow" the design and build one using a hydraulic cylinder and the boat trim motor pump. borrowed the idea from another MTF member, sorry I will give credit when I remember. He used it to lift his snowblower on a 300 series JD.

Do I build the new 3pt hitch to use Cat 1 or Cat 0 attachments. I am leaning toward Cat1, since the are more readily available. To my knowledge the major difference is the pin size and distance between the pins. Am I correct?

I know I won't be able to use a 6ft box blade due to limitations of the x700, but it is easier to find a 4ft box blade and rear blades in cat 1 than cat 0 used, which is most of time cheaper.

Let me know your thoughts, Thanks!.


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Cat 1 all the way this way the rear quick hitch will fit for other implements as far as extra hydraulics go. At the moment no, Sorry I'm not alot of help. What I did was give up the hydraulic angle of the front for the time being. My top lever still works the 3 point and my bottom lever works the front blade up and down.

A hydraulic multiplier should operate that just fine though if you really wanted. Personally for the blade work I do my rear blade covers the needs for when I angle, however I've been thinking of adding a multiplier myself for the front. If you do this Good Luck and keep us posted.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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