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Building own 3pt hitch for x700 - Cat 1 or Cat 0?

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I use a front blade with 4 way hydraulics and i wanted be able to use a 3pt, however there wasn't enough hydraulics to go around. So for my 425 I bought a Kolpin dirtworks 3pt hitch and I like it. However the electric actuator doesn't have enough guts and is slow.

I do like that the hitch is removable for mowing and isn't hanging off the back when I don't need it. So I have already made the receiver hitch for the x700.

To sweeten the deal on the 425, I want to include the kolpin 3pt hitch or maybe sell it separately instead of reusing it on the x700 due to the faults.

However I will "borrow" the design and build one using a hydraulic cylinder and the boat trim motor pump. borrowed the idea from another MTF member, sorry I will give credit when I remember. He used it to lift his snowblower on a 300 series JD.

Do I build the new 3pt hitch to use Cat 1 or Cat 0 attachments. I am leaning toward Cat1, since the are more readily available. To my knowledge the major difference is the pin size and distance between the pins. Am I correct?

I know I won't be able to use a 6ft box blade due to limitations of the x700, but it is easier to find a 4ft box blade and rear blades in cat 1 than cat 0 used, which is most of time cheaper.

Let me know your thoughts, Thanks!.


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The Other difference between Cat 1 & 0 is the Width of the Arms themselves The Cat 1 are thicker and the Cat 0 are Narrower I have Bent Cat 0 Arms Before Using Cat0/1 Implements which were Basically Cat 1 Implements with Cat 0 pins Facing inwards On the Implement and the Person that made the snow blower Lift was On a LX100 series I believe But that a Interesting idea But there is a way I believe to run the extra Cylinder off the internal Hydraulic system while running the front Blade with something like this :thThumbsU
Cat 1 for sure. That x700 will break Cat 0 implements. Like you said, Cat 1 stuff is also easier to find. I'm not sure how set you are on having it run with a 12v actuator of some kind, but you could potentially add an extra hydraulic valve to control the rear and just use a standard 3 point from Deere. They're super easy to take off and put on.

I'm not sure what all you're wanting to do with it, but my 4' box blade with 4 tines will stop the x748 in the right soil conditions.
You Can Get a X465 thru X749 with either Cat 0 or Limited Cat 1 3point Hitch So I would Not worry about Breaking Cat 0 Implements on a X700 series:thThumbsU
The 425 thru 455 Have the same trans as the 2wd Models In the X465 thru X700 series and they were Cat 0 Not Limited Cat 1 and You can still order a Cat 0 with the X700 series it Optional which One You want The Cat 0 is BM17327 But It costs the same as the Limited Cat 1 So at that Point it is a No Brainier But to go with the Limited Cat 1 considering Brinly the Largest Cat 0 Implements Producer is No Longer Making Cat 0 Implements BTW the specs for Lifting Both the Cat 0 & Limited Cat 1 are the same 450Lbs on the X465 thru X749. The Main reason I went with Limited Cat 1 over Cat 0 on my X485 in 2003 was the cost of the Implements Cat 1 Implements have always cost less than Cat 0 Implements. I Paid something like $129 for a 4foot Cat0/1 Blade In 2000 and the same size Blade In Cat 0 was $450.00 That’s when I was Buying a Blade to use on both my White GT2055 and JD 425 at the time all I had to do was Buy Cat 1 pins for the Blade to use it on my X485 with Limited Cat 1 But a X700 series is Not Going to tear up Cat 0 Implements. Heck I can Now Use sleeve Hitch Implements On my Limited Cat 1 3point and I’m Not worried about tearing them Up and My Garden is 3 acres which I Plow and till every Year twice a year. It wil Be Nice to use the X485 for Both duties Now and Leave my smaller Cubs for Cultivating duties:thThumbsU
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The implements you're thinking of apparently aren't the ones I'm thinking of. There's a reason they say "up to 20hp" for Cat0. We'll just leave it at that. :trink39:
There are several tractor Out there that exceed 20HP That have Cat 0 3point Hitches The Not to exceed 20HP was Made when Most Garden tractors did not exceed 20HP They we basically thinking any thing over 20HP was a Tractor and Not a Garden tractor Late Model Power King's would Be a prime example of a Cat 0 on a tractor that went Past 20HP even the 445 & 455 went Past 20HP and They Only Had Cat 0 3point Hitches:thThumbsU
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