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Hi all, I wanted a Gannon earthcavator but none were available near me so I decided to try building my own so here is how I did it.
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I started the build using an old IH Cub push blade but any heavy duty blade will work the moldboard is 48" X 10" X X .25" to this were welded end plates 16"L X 12"H X .25"T
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The roll over collars/bearings are made from heavy wall tubing wall T= .25" the OD = 2.25" ID = 1.75" L =- 1..0625" these were welded to the end plated centered 6" up / down and 4" from the aft end of the plate.
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The hitch arms are fabricated from flat stock 2" X .5" X 16" the axle shaft = solid shaft 1.75" OD 1.125" L was welded to the end of the arm. The hitch is made using 2" X 50" pipe welded to 2" X 2" .25" angle iron that's 52" L.
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The 3 PT lift tabs are welded to the 2" angle iron along with the top link mast, the top link mast is 14" H from the 2" flat stock angle cut to give it approx a 2" forward tilt this hitch is designed for Cat 0 mounting all holes are 5/8"
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The roll over latch assembly : arms a the 2" material should be 17" long tapered at the aft end to allow them it move up over the locking tabs a 1.0625" notch was cut into the arm at 14.5" from the tapered ends 1.0625" deep the forward ends were drilled .75" for the connecting axle a .75" round shaft 54" L is supported with 4 supports [email protected] 2" X 4" material and [email protected] 1.5" X .25" X 4" flat stock these are welded to the top of the 3 pt 2" angle
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The locking tabs are fabricated from bar stock 1" X .%" X 2.25" L 6 are needed and welded to each end plate what worked for me was to have the blade assembly attached to the tractor 3 pt and raised up with the lock arms in place and clamp with a C clamp I placed the lock tab on the arms notch and tack welded it in place and then welded them solid.
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The rippers I ordered from Ag Supply : blade shank&asug=box blade

P/N 86634 they are .75" X 2" X 16", I only wanted them 6" long so 10" was cut off but I did use the upper drilled ends cut to2.25" to make mounts for the rippers, the ripper mount is angle iron 3" X 3" X 3/8" X 48" this was welded to the back of the moldboard and the end plated and 4 ripper mounts were welded to the 3" angle spaced for 4 teeth.
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I wanted to be able to remove the 3 pt hitch from the blade so the hitch arms are bolted to the hitch that's why the 2" pipe is 50" and the 2" angle is 52" a nut so to speak was fabricated form the 2" material 2" X 2" drilled and tapped with1/2 20 fine thread then welded to the 2" angle and the 2" pipe the hitch arms are drilled 1/2" and bolted to the hitch assy with 1/2 fine thread grade 8 bolts with lock washers. The cutting edges are .25" X 5 " X 48" bolted to the blade with 5 bolts.
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Another view of the ripper mount attachment

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The roll over release lever is made from 1.25" X .25" X 30" bar stock bolted to the latching axle assembly.
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Hi I got the measurement wrong on the roll over latch arms I typed 17" L it should have been 13.5" length
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Also I did not use a one piece latch release axle as you can see in the above photo as it also had to be dissembled to remove the hitch so I used some 1" X 1" square tubing as a connector and was drilled 3/16" and a aircraft AN 3 bolt was used.
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You see it in the above pic also installed a spring on the release lever to pull it to the locked position.


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