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Bucket Forks for 45 FEL?

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I have a new x748 and I am looking at the Bucket Solutions light duty pallet forks. Anyone have a review on this with the stabilizer bar?
These look well thought out/engineered.

I realize the rate limiter on these is extending the load "way out there" so I don't intend to push it too much.

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Those look nice. ALZwelding has 2 setups that attach if you remove the bucket. See here :fing32:
Those forks from bucket solutions look like the ones that I made for my loader. The forks are by far my most used attachment. I was just going to start making a set of forks more like alz where you don't have the bucket on. Try to increase lift capacity. But I think I might make a set of bucket forks out of aluminum and see how they work. I like having the bucket on. I usually have a load of tools I am hauling out to the"jobsite"
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