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Brush hogs

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For my property, with a number of slopes and tight places, I'm guessing a walk-behind brush hog would be best but wanted to ask....

I've done some searching and wanted to know if such a beast exists - Cat. 0, 3-pt. brush hog driven by its own engine?

My tractor does not have a rear PTO, so a traditional 3-pt. brush hog won't work. There are a number of "pull behind" brush hogs (for ATVs, UTVs, etc.) that have a dedicated engine but it is like pulling a trailer - great for driving straight ahead, bit of a pain backing up. Many spots I would have to back into so being hard mounted to the tractor would be more convenient for maneuvering. I'm taking stock of the 5 acres I bought and there is a lot of poison ivy, grape vines, buckthorn, raspberries, and general brush that needs to be removed (buckthorn) or just brought under control.

I'm an "army of 1" with limited time each week so I'm considering my best, most efficient approach.

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I will try to help out on this. Depending on the height of the grass for the first cut, you should probably look at equipment to maintain the 5 acres after the first cut, as you probably figured out already. The tow behind self powered Swisher works well in an open field, get the bush hog model not the finish mower. The best would be to find a good used tractor with a PTO as already stated above and get yourself a 4 foot bush hog or rotary cutter as they are called. If you are mechanically inclined there are many older used tractors as all can help on this issue.
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