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Brought the fleet to the local festival - pics

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Why let a decent Saturday go to waste and miss an opportunity to show off the big boys. We would have brought more but didn't have room on the trailers. Anyways, we got to hang out with the old timers and their fleet and had a good time. We even got a picture of the local hockey team mascot sitting on the HT.

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Wow! Such a beautiful gathering. You have some nice tractors there.
Great pictures! Looks like a fun show. Your machines look excellent and thanks for sharing!:fing32:
Nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What part of Washington do you live in ?
Looks like alot of fun to me.
Thanks for the pics. Shows let others see what a nice group of tractors you have.
Great pictures and really nice looking collection!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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