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Brought home yet another 318 & a 70

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Got a call this morning a out a 318 I tried to buy about a month ago, told me to come and get it and that I could have it, So I asked as in free, and he said yep come and get it, so here is my free to me 318. It is complete, it doesn't run that is why it was parked. Its a 1990 model with a P218, has around 940 hours on it. said it just died and that's where it was left. Not to bad of shape considering it has set outside for quite a while.

Also while I was out and about I picked up this model 70 for my nephew. It need some work, the motor is stuck, missing the seat and all four tires are scrap. Probably will just look for another engine, doesn't have to be original just something that will bolt on without too much trouble.

And now for the pictures

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WOW nice haul, 318 is missing just a little paint, LOL.
Wow, what is going on with JD paint and steel ? Look at that old 70 then look at the 318. Don't know when I've seen one so badly corroded. Was it a paint problem or what?
there was a paint change (thanks to EPA) in the late 80's. think back to all the peeling cars from that era. i remeber my mom's Taurus hook looking like an old onion for a LONG time.
A free 318 sounds like a good deal running or not!

Larry in late 1988 Deere switched to powder coating and it is prone to peel. So Briggs a 1990 model year it makes sense the powder coat is in terrible shape.
From what I understood, powder coating was supposed to be so much better than just painting. It is still touted today as being superior to paint. Must be something very wrong with the metal prep process or something.
Very nice score. Keep us posted on the 318. I am always interested in the transition from an abandoned to a running tractor. It's fun to see what caused it to stop so long ago and how easy or difficult (or $$) it would have been to get it running again. You might normally think well it just threw a rod, but that is not always true.
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Nice score :fing32:
When I did Rusty It's getting the "GOOD" paint off the is the PITA. :Disgus:
Larry yes they almost all did it from that era regardless of model.
As we have seen here @ MTF the stop running for a dozen reasons :dunno:
Looks like a good deal to me even with the bad paint. Mine was so bad the tires had rotted. It took quite a bit of work to get it running. I did though with much help form the good folks here. Thanks again all.
From what I understood, powder coating was supposed to be so much better than just painting. It is still touted today as being superior to paint. Must be something very wrong with the metal prep process or something.
powder coating is a process of, in a nut shell, powdered paint is applied wiht static charge then baked in place.

its durable and applies very uniformly. however its more like a plastic shell on the parts. so a chip in the finish happens, then over time water gets in the chip, and begins to lift the finish off the metal. there is not the chemical bond most paint has.

at least this is my understanding of the issue.

to the OP you sure cannot argue with the price!:thThumbsU
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Thanks Jar
Would have to agree, it is the bonding process, not the coating that is at fault.

About 13 or 14 yrs ago I worked on the Sable Island NG pipeline project in Sheet Hbr. NS and all the pipe was power coated at about 550*. Was really something to see and could be immediately rolled/handled after flash cooling. It was then wrapped in spray concrete and steel mesh to weight it down. Hopefully they knew what they were doing and this will stand up to the sea water for a lot of years.
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Sounds like good deal to me :thumbup: free hope its something simple with the motor
Good luck

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Thanks for all of the comments, It is on the list, have to finish the 112 Round fender carb rebuild and get the recently acquired wheel horse running first, then it will be off to the 318. It is amazing how my collection has grown in the past couple of months. I had a 322, 317 and a 112, I came across the 318 and had to have it was going to part it out but ended up fixing it, then A couple of weeks ago a wheel horse I had wanted for years became available. That made 5, then all of the sudden yesterday I was given the other 318 and purchased the 70. So now I am at 7, not counting all of the attachments, and other power equipment. I am out of room for now so I have to stop buying for now anyways until I get my barn built.
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