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Brought home a 1966 110 Round Fender Today

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This one sat on Craigslist for a long time without any takers. They made a big deal about the blade, but they should have advertised the 80 cart too.

After 3 hours on the road, this is what I brought home:
- 1966 110 with Hydraulic Lift (Serial number 46284)
- Spare set of lug tires
- Mower deck
- 42" Blade
- 80 Cart (Serial number 7998)

It runs great - no smoke, even under load. It starts right up. Cosmetically it is in nice shape too. It looks like I am missing one guard and the steering wheel has seen better days. At some point they tried to paint the cart and parts of the tractor have some touch up paint, but I am pretty sure most of it is in original condition.

The owner said this has been sitting in his shop for quite a while. Prior to that, his brother (or brother-in-law) had it. He had another Deere for mowing, so it looks like the 110 saw cart duty. The tires look original and there is a lot of tread on them.

The blade works awesome. It is really smooth with the hydraulic lift. The only mechanical issue I see is the generator light stays on the whole time.

I wasn't in the market for a 110, but this was too good of a deal to pass up. After buying an X300 in 2007, last year I bought a GX345 and now the 110. My herd is growing!


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That 80 cart is in great shape! Looks like your 39 inch deck is in great shape too! Nice find on all that!
Great find :fing32: Nice to see another Herder in the making. With the Model 80 cart, hydraulic lift and ags that's an awesome score!
Here are some more pics. I would like to buy an operator and service manual. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!


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Very nice find.
So paint the model 80 the "80" is still available from JD Parts I just bought one!! and there are side decals too!!!!
Try Ebay and see if you can score a used one, otherwise I believe there is a website you can get the CD from. That is a nice looking tractor.

You need to teach your little one to operate it so maybe they can help out with some "work" around the old home place.
Great find. Try for manuals or put a wanted ad on WFM. :fing32:
Looks in great shape along with the cart and plow as well, plus the spare rims and tires, really nice find :fing32:.
That's a really nice setup. All the best with it!
Great tractor and accessories! What a find.
The photo of you and your son on the Deere remindes me of many years ago when my now 17-year-old would ride with me on our first Deere. Cherish these times with him!
Webster Groves, MO
I'm jealous! That mower looks awesome. Have fun with it. :)
I'm jealous! That mower looks awesome. Have fun with it. :)
I have to agree because That is the year and Model I want and it looks Great.:thThumbsU
What a great pice of history to own ! nice little machine. :)
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