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On several of my 3000 Series Tractors, I have replaced the plastic flange bushings with Bronze Flange Bushings(BFB). I first did it(bored one Winter) when I was trying to increase the tractor speed. It did slightly increase speed(over a GOOD set of PFB), but the most significant thing I noticed was that it took slop out of the mechanism and gave the controls a more solid feel. It also seems that the BFBs will last for the life of the tractor.

If your trying to increase tractor speed, try my bent nail mod. it is VERY easy and more effective.

I get my bushings from Aircraft Spruce.

If you find a better source, please let me know where.

I have found that a Step Drill Bit is the ideal way to enlarge the holes. It cuts a lot cleaner hole than a regular bit does. I have some fairly cheap Step Drill Bits that I got from H Freight and they work fine for this modification.

You want a snug fit in the holes so I suggest doing some test holes in similar metal to make sure the hole is the size that you want. If the hole is slightly too large, you can reduce the diameter of the bit by turning it down slightly while it is in a drill press.

I fabricate a replacement for the OEM F/R Pedal Linkage using a G8 4" long, Fine Thread 1/2" bolt and nut. I then weld a 1.5" 3/8" bolt to the 1/2" nut and one to the bolt head. I put lock nuts and washers on the 3/8 bolts to hold the linkage in the proper position. It may be feasible to modify the OEM F/R linkage to work, but nearly all of them that I have removed have been bent to some extent and the G8 Bolt provides more

On the main F/R Shaft I drill a new hole for the hairpin to allow for the extra thickness of the BFBs. I drill the hole at a different angle than the original hole as it is easier to drill that way. With the redrilled hole there is usually some slack, between the hairpin and BFB. If there is, I install a washer of appropriate thickness.

Aircraft Spruce also sells close tolerance washers that I like to use.

For the main F/R Shaft I use PN 04-01639 (but could use PN 04-01640)

For the F/R Pedal Linkage I use PN FF-520-10

For the Hydraulic Valve and the Dif Lock Pedal I use PN 04-01654

MFG PN Hole I.D. Hole O.D. Length Flange O.D. Flange Thickness PN Price

FB1012-04 5/8 3/4 1/2 1 1/8 04-01639 $0.74

FB1012-08 5/8 3/4 1 1 1/8 04-01640 $1.45

FF520-10 3/8 1/2 3/8 5/8 1/16 FF520-10 $0.55

FF620-01 .5020 .6270 1/2 7/8 1/16 04-01654 $0.80

It is not something that makes a world of difference, but the pedals/valve/s do have a more solid feel and there is less slop, making F & R both slightly faster.

I did this several years ago on one of my 3000 Series and there has been no apparent wear or deterioration since I did the modification.

Slight groove in F/R shaft from worn plastic bushing

BFB fully covers the groove

Step drill bits and hex extender

F/R shaft with new hold drilled for Hairpin. Slight wear groove

Stock Hairpin

The two large nuts are usually loose and should be tightened.

Fabricated F/R linkage in a jig I made to hold parts aligned for welding


Fabricated F/R linkage. I will cut excess off of the 3/8" threads

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Great info Joel as usual. Thanks for posting this up. Bookmarking it for future use.
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