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Broken piston rod questions.....

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I could use some help on this. As the title says, my 21hp Briggs tossed a rod and I'm trying to decide if it's worth fixing. It's one of those ohv Intek motors that I have read on here just aren't very good. The crank is gouged up pretty good where the rod used to connect. I don't want to buy a new crank. The cost is almost half a new crate motor. Is this something I could bring to a machine shop and have honed? If I do have it smoothed out how does this affect the rod where it attaches to the crank. I don't see any bearing in the part list. Is the connecting end of the rod adjustable? The piston and cylinder walls look fine. Is there anything else I should be looking for or replacing? In the last month the camshaft broke and now the piston rod. Are these common problems for these engines? I am not running it out of oil, so I am wondering if it's something else....head gasket? No loss of power.....but I'm losing parts at a pretty good clip......any advice?
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Those engines are not known for major failures with proper maintenance but s$$t can happen. If the crank journal is scored it is dead in the water, Briggs does not offer an undersized rod and few shops are equipped to grind these small cranks.The price would scare you anyway.
A new engine is under $600, less than the price of a short block. If you do go short block watch the date code, the crank and flywheel were changed in July 2012. The engine will not run with the wrong flywheel.
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