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Broken piston rod questions.....

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I could use some help on this. As the title says, my 21hp Briggs tossed a rod and I'm trying to decide if it's worth fixing. It's one of those ohv Intek motors that I have read on here just aren't very good. The crank is gouged up pretty good where the rod used to connect. I don't want to buy a new crank. The cost is almost half a new crate motor. Is this something I could bring to a machine shop and have honed? If I do have it smoothed out how does this affect the rod where it attaches to the crank. I don't see any bearing in the part list. Is the connecting end of the rod adjustable? The piston and cylinder walls look fine. Is there anything else I should be looking for or replacing? In the last month the camshaft broke and now the piston rod. Are these common problems for these engines? I am not running it out of oil, so I am wondering if it's something else....head gasket? No loss of power.....but I'm losing parts at a pretty good clip......any advice?
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It would help a lot if you gave the engine model number since there are single cylinder and twin cylinder 21 hp Intek B&S engines. Turn crank $50 - $75 depending on where you live. Rings $35 to $65 depending on engine and how good a shopper you are. Rod $25 to $40 depending on engine.Gasket set $30 - $50 depending on engine.

Walt Conner
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