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Broke the engine in my 112 :(

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Well, I was cleaning up my engine and noticed there was rust buildup between the cooling fins, So I got a screwdriver and as it lightly touched the cooling fin it just fell off, then the next one fell of as well -_-. So unless there is a cheap way to fix this right, i guess i am looking for a new block.

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I doubt it will make any noticeable difference myself....seen worse running just fine!...paint it flat black,it'll help dissapate the heat better...
TH is correct, it's low enough on the cylinder that there isn't much heat there. The important fins are the ones around the exhaust and the fins near the top of the cylinder. Probably wouldn't hurt to get the block glass beaded to remove the rust, and then paint it, and most important, store it inside.
Nothing you can do to fix it... Heat wont transfer to anyting you hook on.
I would say you had a mouse nest at one time ....
Run it as it is... It's the best you can do...
Those engines are air cooled and made to keep cool and survive ,even in 100 degree farenhiet weather . like tactor-holic said a few missing fins won't much 100 degree farenheit weather do you get in your part of canada? If it's that warm I will be sitting in the air conditioned house, not running the small equipment.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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