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Broke a clutch cam trying to adjust the clutch

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So, as a result of the belt slipping off in (Mower Belt Slips Off) I got a new spring for the mull pulley, new drive belt - as the manufacturers belt that I bought less than a month ago broke last week-end, all set, to really try this out, my goal, to see if this would cut down my cutting time. I cut for an hour and a half and noticed that the blades seemed to be slowing down. I would lift the deck and after a few moments they would speed back up, lower the deck, and the blades quickly slowed and the humm disappered. I noticed that they only slowed when cutting, as long as there was no load the blades were fine.

So tonight I replaced the belt on the mower deck thinking that this was too old, and stretched(C22708). Started it up, all excited to go and cut again, and the same problem right off the bat, as soon as I tried to cut the humm stopped and the blades slowed down.

Tension is good, no squeals anywhere so, I checked on the yahoo groups and came across this thread:
Help Needed with clutch and transmission

Made me think of the comments in my earlier thread (link above) that the gap was too large, so I decided to adjust the clutch. I can turn a wrench, I think in this case just a little too hard.

And it seems that I am missing a few pieces- #8 (washer spacer) and need some new spring washer (#7)

So my question is, can I buy just the cam, and the washers? And how much should I be expecting them to be?

After I get this I will ask about the clutch adjustment -I tightened a little too much, but couldn't find a middle ground, now I wonder if it was because of the missing number 8, the worn spring washers and number 8's at the back (behind the pully) or if there is something else I am missing?

One last one - just in case someone asks - the friction disk.

Does it look ok?

So, what can I do to get this back up and together before I need to call the closest farmer to bale my front lawn?

Thank you.
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I've reviewed your photos on this post and on your belt slipping off post and I think the new spring should definitely help with the belt problem but you should also double check the deck and get it as level as possible.

As for the clutch problem, there is a good chance someone on this or the yahoo group will have a spare cam but if that doesn't pan out I'd check Joe's Outdoor Power on ebay and watch ebay listings for PTO parts.

The friction disk looks to be cracked but it's hard to tell from the photos how thick it is--it may still be ok but if I were you I'd probably replace it while everything is apart and then you won't have to worry about it for a long time.

Assembling and adjusting the clutch is not difficult but not everything is clear in the instructions so I strongly suggest you read everything on the yahoo site regarding the clutch including some notes I posted there. Then you should go through piece by piece to make sure you have all the washers, spaces, etc. and order replacements for whatever is missing. Also check the bearings in the clutch assembly to make sure they are in good shape and replace them if not.

One last thing, when putting it all back together don't use big pliers to crank on the large hex adjusting nut as they break fairly easily and are expensive to replace.
Thanks Bart,

Already got your file - I got that before I broke it!

Good news is - the deck is level now, I ordered the manual from Brian, and he was nice enough to send the leveling instructions on ahead, I got that straightened out last week as well.

The friction disk does of some thin cracks in it, its about 1/4 inch thick.
I understand that there is, or was a kit to replace this.
Now for the cam and washers etc, any tips on price?

1/4" on the friction disk is a lot--I think they're only about 3/16" new. If it seems to be adhered well I would just keep the one you have.

I would say that someone might part with the cam piece for around $5 but that's for them to say. There are a number of people on ebay who part out tractors and may have some of the parts you need. You can also email Dan Haas at [email protected] and there is a good chance he'll be able to fix you up.
Just a quick update to say

Due to timing -aka me impatient - I didn't wait around to find a used cam piece, I ordered a new one - again due to timing, although Brian's price was the best, but the speed of delivery, shipping, duty.... made it a wash and I went with one from a Canadian distributor - who had the parts in my hands after work last Thursday.

In any event, I got the parts, put it all back together, and with the help of a friend figured out the clutch adjustment. I know now why I snapped it.

I will post a photo of the friction disk if you like, I went back and looked, measured it and sure enough it is 3/16ths of an inch - I would say this means the disk is almost new, which is frustrating, as the spring washers were flattened out, and there were a couple of other missing washers in the clutch assembly, not to mention that the bearings needed replacing, why couldn't the PO have done all that when he changed the friction disk? (rhetorical question).

Anyway, I laid out a bit and picked up some spare parts of ebay, so I should be prepared is something like this happens again.

By the way - I could not have done it without the files from the Yahoo group.

And my wife loves the look of the lawn, she says its better than it has ever looked!
Now to figure out my next mission - can you offset a finish mower? (see new thread).
What "Canadian distributor" had parts in stock for this clutch?

We always love happy endings! Perhaps you can convince your wife that a second Case would enable the two of you to make mowing the lawn an "us" project.
although Brian's price was the best, but the speed of delivery, shipping, duty.... made it a wash and I went with one from a Canadian distributor - who had the parts in my hands after work last Thursday.
There is no "duty" on those parts. Canada Customs will assess GST and PST on the declared value of the item in Canadian dollars IF that declared value turns out to be more than $20.00 Canadian after conversion. But...... if the item is shipped via USPS and the sales taxes are assessed, then Canada Post adds a $5.00 fee for collecting those taxes. If the item is shipped by UPS or FedEx, then they will tack on a brokerage fee to items which are valued at more than $20.00 Canadian after conversion.
I should have used the correct terminology - its the brokerage fee that I was refering too. I don't use UPS for the reason that they added one on to some sippy cups I ordered for my kid once - more than doubled the total cost of the order. I refused delivery. I no longer deal with UPS and tell all people that I am conducting transactions with that I won't accept deliveries from UPS.
In any event the brokerage fees would have along with everything else brought the prices up to pretty close to even.

Thanks again.
You have to love a happy ending! And a second tractor for your wife would likely be cheaper than an off set finish mower! <G>
Sorry Rol,
I don't figure that, and, I don't even include the cost of the resulting divorce that would result in me buying a second tractor for "her".

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