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British Petroleum? In a Quandry....

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Ok folks, I've used Castrol Oil for YEARS. Since I was 13 in fact. Bought my first truck wayyyy back then and used Castrol oil in it then, and have in every rig I've owned since then.

Then we hear how cheap they are in following safety rules and work practices, such as the huge spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

If I was to switch to a new product....which brand? I don't know of any that I could put as much trust in.

All my power equipment run Castrol, as do all my rigs, new and old.

Tell me what you passion is as far as oil goes folks, if you have one.

If its Penzoil.......:Stop: :lalala: :fing20:
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I'd just stick with the castrol. I really doubt if BP would take chances that wouldcost billions if something went wrong comparied to the few million in oil they would recover...imop
There is very little difference in most modern oils. Pick one that meets your specs at the best price. If I could get a local supply, I'd use a Conoco Phillips produced lubricants. They have a broad range of oils, greases, and fluids. My other choice would be Chevron based lubricants. Alas, neither is readily available, so I use Valvoline. There is nothing bad about Pennzoil.
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It's an easy decision. Buy from whoever gives you the better deal. By the sounds of it you might go thru a bit of oil, so shop around. I do.

All major modern oil products are as good as each other. I currently have;
8 drum Castrol
6 drum Halvoline
2 drum Refined No Name
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I really doubt if BP would take chances that wouldcost billions if something went wrong...
Your being funny, right?

Before you switch, you might want to investigate the other companies. They may be an accident waiting to happen also.
I'm of the opinion that what brand of oil you use is of very little consequence. From the cheapest Wally World Super Tech to the most expensive you can buy, as long as it meets current specs it will be OK. Valvoline from the Ashland oil company is one of the few fully American oils you can buy in wide spread distrubution. Penzoil and Quaker State are both own by Shell and I doubt if there is much difference between them and Formula Shell. I know the Rotella oils are diesel rated and a little different from the others. Of course synthetics have some advantage in temperature range but I don't know if this justifies the higher prices.

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castrol is definitly a different blend of oil.we used to run it in raceing can smell the different smell when it gets hot.most all the other brands probably come out of the same pipe.I myself just have the old lady pick up a gal of oil.keeping it clean and full is more inportant than what your useing,just my nichels worth.
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