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Brinly (John Deere) Cultivator

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I put this on the Lawn and Garden Tractor Accessories Page and no one responded. Since John Deere markets the Brinly Cultivator, I figured I'd try this page. I realize it is not cultivating time in Kansas right now but I figured I'd plan ahead for once. I am considering buying a row crop cultivator for my garden. Wife thought we had too many weeds last year and we're getting lazy and have less time now!!! I built a small field cultivator but like the looks and design of the Brinly over the Agri-Fab for row crop. Anybody like one over the other or what's your opinions/stories??? Any help is appreciated.
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True..they have a very limited use (or time of usage) due to clearance. That's why I was curious if the people that have them think they are worth the money or not. Might just keep using the old manual push wheel cultivators.
most garden tractors dont sit high enough for the true row crop cultivator. Can you post some pics of the two so I can see if we are on the same page or not? is some pictures. The whole frame adjusts on the Brinly where the AgriFab has a rigid frame and you adjust the shanks. Depending on your crop, time of usage so you don't break off your plants appears to be the biggest limiting factor.

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Thank you Windcatcher for the information.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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