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Brinly (John Deere) Cultivator

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I put this on the Lawn and Garden Tractor Accessories Page and no one responded. Since John Deere markets the Brinly Cultivator, I figured I'd try this page. I realize it is not cultivating time in Kansas right now but I figured I'd plan ahead for once. I am considering buying a row crop cultivator for my garden. Wife thought we had too many weeds last year and we're getting lazy and have less time now!!! I built a small field cultivator but like the looks and design of the Brinly over the Agri-Fab for row crop. Anybody like one over the other or what's your opinions/stories??? Any help is appreciated.
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most garden tractors dont sit high enough for the true row crop cultivator. Can you post some pics of the two so I can see if we are on the same page or not?
That's what I was thinking too. Unless you space your rows such that you can drive the GT between them, the little cultivators can't be used after the plants get a few inches high.
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