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I recently got these attachments with a Bolens tractor.

They are CAT 1 sized and at least the disk I think is way too big for the Bolens.

Looking to get some idea what these are worth \ how collectable these are. I am assuming that these are from 1971? They were kept in a barn and are in pretty good shape.

B-71-07533 - dual disc

B-71-06562 - cultivator bar?

B-71-09038 - a frame sleeve attachment

there is no number on the harrow

Thanks for any info


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Those are actually Cat 0 Not Cat 1 They are very sought after Items. :thThumbsU

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Spread on Cat 0 is approx 20". Cat 1 is about 26", I think. Pin diameter on Cat 0 is 5/8"
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