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Be careful when you place it in transport mode as the "plugs" on my AgriFab 40" Aerator never seem to completely be off the ground.
In the manual for the Brinly, it says to tighten the "tongue" bolts up after you hook up the tractor, allowing you to level the unit.


Great write-up! I put mine together in the living room the other night! Can't believe I am not sleeping in the shed with the aerator!

Took me close to 3hrs, using hand wrenches, while watching tv. Air tools would make it easier.

You may want to try to level the tray while in the transport mode like the manual says (it doesn't look level in the pictures, but maybe it is!). I think this may help prevent the spoons from hitting the ground/pavement while moving it????? This is the 1 thing I still need to do. As for a "Plug Protector", maybe a U-shaped wood box protector???? Just set in place, and bungee it to the 2x4 studs?????

Maybe later this week I will have a chance to try mine out!

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