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Bring it on!!

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After record high temps and much above freezing temps here in the last few months old man winter has finally shown himself this morning.. A Big storm system is making it's way through our area along wiith high winds!:hide: :eek:mg:

Our ride ome from work was fun as preceding the snow last night was a layer of freezing rain! The roads are slippery and the winds are high so be careful out there!!
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Yesterday we got 6". Naturally this was one of the few times we had to be in the "Big City". It was a nasty 24 mile drive both ways- ~40mph going in to town on fresh snow (usual 50 - 55mph); ~30mph going home. AWD came in handy- it got us to where we wanted to be, but I/we should have taken the 4X4 truck. I plowed out yesterday afternoon :). Since then there has been off and on freezing drizzle. The temps never got to the freezing point. This morning the freezing drizzle continues, and it is dropping on frozen ground surfaces. Not a good morning to be outside.
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