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briggs Vtwin

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i have a 24hp briggs vtwin running on one cylinder at idle. full throttle will run on both. i cleaned the carb, change plugs around from each head, pulled head off and swap it with another one with new head gasket, set the valves, sprayed carb cleaner around the intake to see if there is a crack.

i can pull choke out and will run fine on idle and the load up and gas
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I did a couple of these this past week, the intake is plastic...and it tends to warp some where it meets the metal carb body. I took the gasket off, put the plastic intake on some sandpaper taped to a sheet of glass, and sanded it as flat as I felt comfortable with. THEN..i put some JB Kwik weld on the gasket (both sides) and let it set up a few minutes, then put the studs through and snugged them down using a cross pattern...then assembled it. Fixed both...

Symptom cranked right up, idled great..but only ran on 1 cylinder....rev it up and it would sputter a second, then clear up and purr.
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