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Briggs Vanguard boat motor???

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Just curious if anybody has any info on the propeller set up to use a tractor engine as an outboard motor on a boat. This weeks episode of Swamp Men showed one of the boats with a Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine with a really long drive on it. It looked more like an ice auger than an outboard. Before now the only time I've seen anything similar was on shows about Thailand. Is the drive custom made? Or is it something you can order to bolt onto an engine? Thanks in advance, Ed
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I think I've seen what your speaking of but have never seen them for sale anywhere. I think they might be called Surface Drives. Maybe custom made in small shops for specific applications. I saw one that had a Harley Davidson engine on TV.
I've been on the lookout for a junk small outboard. As long as the lower unit is good , I'd like to try mating an 8-10hp b&S engine onto it for a trolling motor. Being used in salt water wouldn't be the best for it but It would be rinsed off after every use. I don't leave the boat in the water so I think it might work, for a little while. Take care...
I know the style your talking. I have heard they are used a lot in the swamp aera also.

As for a prop... its hard to say... all the ones I have seen have been used as surfice pearicing, and underwater drive... Hard to prop for bolth. I think you would just need to get a prop to start with, and work from there. I also belive it would not be a huge deal, becouse you can adjust it by putting the prop more, or less in the water.
I've heard them called a Go-Devil. The big advantage is they will ride right over a submerged log. Disadvantage; no reverse. If they can build them in Thailand, you can weld up one in America. I beleive they are sort of spring loaded.
GoDevil is just one brand. Y'all need to head on down to the delta, get y'all some good food, and meet you some good ole cajun boys to take you fishing. Those shallow draft and surface drive motors are the motor of choice on a pirogue.

Seen lot's of homemade units using 250cc motorcycle engines when I was down there.
a few years back B&S made a 5hp outboard, never heard much good or bad about them. I'm not positive they are still on market.
Wow! That video was awesome, I can't believe it can run in that kind of mud! Thanks for all the replys and info, I knew you guys would figure it out. D-Dogg, I like the way you think. My ancestery is tied into the cajuns before they left Canada, but my family did not make it so far south. Ed
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