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Briggs Twin - Won't stay running.

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So last year I picked up an older KGro tractor (Basically a sears model in K-mart colors) with a 16 HP twin cylinder on it. 6-speed manual, the deck is rotted, and it's going to become a run-around tractor for hauling my cart around.

Model 0270
Type 1270 01
Code 8504035B
I have the manual(s) from B&S.

I cannot get the tractor to stay running for more then 8-10 seconds or so. :reallymad

I know it's getting fuel - when I got it, the fuel pump wasn't working - new gasket and spring from the kit solved that.

The carb bowl will fill up with fuel - I can see that. The float looks okay, I'm pretty sure it's not leaking. (I took it off and checked for leaks.)

I can pour a bit of fuel into the carb, crank it, and it will fire up, run for about 8 seconds, then run out of fuel and stop again. I'm using a small container for a gravity-fed temporary fuel tank, so I can see what it's doing.

I'm not really familiar at all with the way these carbs are designed. (Never owned a twin before.) Anyone out there with some more experience have a suggestion for a particular adjustment/cleaning I should look at?

It seems like the fuel is getting to the carb - but the carb isn't providing any of it to the engine. My current plan is some careful disassembly, and a bit of carb cleaner to try and clear any gunk out of the carb.

I did change the oil, and it turns over easily enough - nothing is siezed. All the safety interlocks work - I can crank it till the battery dies. Any one of the safetys are disengaged, and it won't even crank at all.
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Hi Tracor newbie, I have 2 B&S 18 hp opposed twins and love'em. I would get a rebuild kit and rebuild the carb. make sure to soak carb in a degreaser or mineral spirits or maybe seafoam and blow out all ports with compressed air from both directions to dislodge any blockages. Your manual should tell you how to set up your carb to be able to start the engine then adjust by ear to find the sweet spot.I hope this helps you. good luck
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These carbs are notorious for letting the main jet getting plugged up. There's probably sediment in the bottom of your carb bowl. When you're running it with the cover off you should be able to look down into the carb and see if there's fuel squirting out. If not .... it's plugged.
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