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Briggs & Stratton "Ranch King" mower

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Hello All,

First off, I need to admit right off the bat that I know nothing about riding mowers... other then that I need one. I just need it for mowing, really.

One of my sorta-kinda friends has offered to sell me a "Ranch King Pro" Briggs & Stratton 20hp 48" twin for $450. I don't know how old it is.. perhaps about 10 years? No clue. The only thing I've really found was on your forum (they can have a bad transaxle, so don't haul things with them).

Any clue if this is a good deal?

Thank you much!
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Hi Ouze , :Welcome1: !!!

I used to own a 1994 Ranch King 18/46 , it had an 18 hp. Briggs & Stratton twin (don't know the model) , but it was'nt pressure lubricated and started using oil after a couple years from the serious hills I mowed ... It had keyed rear 12" wheels and a gear Trans , a steel stamped front axle that got some play in it after awhile , got it from Farm & Fleet and it was red ...Now the Ranch King Pro if I remember correctly was black and was a newer Model and I think was Hydro ... Look it over real good and if everything checks out and you don't have alot to mow and relatively flat , then for $450.00 you might have a deal ... JMO

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