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Briggs&Stratton now makes a fuel additive

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:howdy:Saw this tonight thought i would share it. Tootles:050::050::bellyemot:050::050: P.S. to Mods...feel free to move this if it needs to.
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:howdy:Hi, I personaly use seafoam and love it but i did win some additive from one of our sponsors and i have not tried it yet. I myself am starting to read about hho generators and how to run my tractor on that instead of regular gas(it's outragous for gas ($3.65/gal)and both of my tractors have 2 gallon tanks and i have other things that i would like to run on alternative fuel sources.And my landlord is cheap and will not spring for gas anymore but he wants to go up on my rent if i do not mow the yard.cant wait to move to someplace better.Tootles:050::050::bellyemot:050::050:
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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