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Briggs&Stratton now makes a fuel additive

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:howdy:Saw this tonight thought i would share it. Tootles:050::050::bellyemot:050::050: P.S. to Mods...feel free to move this if it needs to.
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Love the amount of people who bring lawn mowers back to my blue box to return them and say right to my face "this piece of crap wont start I'll go buy another brand somewhere else". Then we send it out for repair and it comes back with nothing more than a carb cleaning and draining of bad gas. People refuse to believe me when I suggest them buying a bottle of stabilizer with their mower stating "it's not winter" and "I've never heard of this ethanol stuff"
so.....whats the concensus on a good addative for our tracators? Aside from the B&S one stated in this thread? Is any fuel stabilizer good or should i look for one that mentions ethanol? We dont have ethanol free gas within 200 miles of i would like to get the correct addative to help my mower last.
I use Startron. They make 2 different kinds though, one is stronger and one isn't so strong, the one I sell @ work is the not as strong stuff so you have to use more of it. I usually just buy the stronger stuff my local Agway carries.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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