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Briggs& Stratton Carb replacement/equivalent

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I purchased a used 10HP Briggs & Stratton Horizontal shaft engine, but the engine didn't come with an air filter assembly. I have another carb from an 8HP B/S engines and was wondering if it could replace the original.

I don't have alot of experience with small engines, but trying to understand. The carburetors appear to be the size and would "fit" physically, but I'm sure there are details that need to be considered.

Any suggestions or assistance is appreciated.

10HP 252707-0130-01
8HP 28B707-0117-01
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I have looked up both of these engines and I dont think you can interchange them. One carb is a Walbro, the other is a Briggs and Stratton MFG carb. Not that that in itself would be a deal breaker, but the engine size difference of the two engines is where your problem comes in.

For example a Honda 5.5 hp engine has a 19mm venturi and a 6.5hp honda engine has a 21mm venture... this is where you may get into trouble. It may look like a duck, but is it really a duck? :)
that 8 hp has model number that's usually a 12 hp?
Per his model numbers, the 8HP actually has a greater displacement (28 cubic inches) than the 10HP (25). The 8HP carb should be up to the task.

Heck, if it fits, I'd give it a shot. You should be able to adjust the jets for any minor fuel differences. Its job is just to feed the engine a fuel/air mixture so what can really go wrong?
Thanks for the responses.

The engine model number for the 8HP may actually be a 12HP engine. What I thought was an "8hp" engine was mounted on a Simplicity 728, but was blown. I picked the 728 tractor up for $25. I purchased another simplicity 4211 for the engine with intentions of mounting the engine from the 4211 into the 728. The 728 has a better deck(Roller, 3 blades) and a snowblower attachment. That the history behind the question. I'll try replacing the carbs and see what happens. Worst case is it doesn't work. I'll keep you updated on the status. This may take several days.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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