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I have (2) here same model/type different "code" #289707 12.5HP vertical I/C; both have cast iron sleeves; one built in 94 the other in 97; I've had the 97 engine running; it runs very strong; but smokes when "goosed" from idle to hi speed; when I 1st got it I noticed the ex port was quite oily; (there was no muffler on it)
I took the muffler from the 94 engiine and put it onto the 97.
Now I wound up with the 94 engine (have yet to bolt it down and try to start but both were at the "ADD" line on oil, both were about teh same "dirtyness" regarding the oil that is there; and the 94 eng exhaust port is "oilier" than the 97 engine so I suspect the same problem with both;
What's the chances that the oili-ness is just an exh guide problem? Are the guides replaceable in these engines? I'm hoping that a thorough valve job might fix one or both of these; I'm not looking to do a rebuild of either at this time; (if that winds up being the case I'll search for another engine and "shelve" both of these for a "down the road" project)
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