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Briggs powered Cub won't idle down

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Briggs 16.5 horse.
Model 312777
Type 0150-E1
Code 990414ZO

This is on a Cub Cadet 1600 belonging to a fellow I work with. Throttles up and runs fine, then won't idle back down. We're figuring there is a butterfly return spring or something that isn't hooked up quite right. There is one small spring that doesn't seem to do anything; might be the one hooked up wrong. Can anybody post up a picture of diagram of the governor & carb linkage?

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Illustrated Parts List

This is about at close as I could find for your engine. I don't know why B&S doesn't make there IPL more 'user friendly' to look-up.

As far as the thing reving up, and won't idle back down, I would start looking with replacing the airfilter ref. #445 for sure. And look at your throttle shaft ref. #131 itself... is probably worn out (and sucking air). There is a little plastic bushing ref.#93 on the throttle shaft, that may be loose or worn, & the t.shaft seal ref#987 should be replaced, also the choke shaft #141 may need some attention, both of those shafts need to be sealed well to prevent dust & dirt from entering the engine. They should be able to rotate easily, without binding, but not 'rock around, back & forth'...which indicates worn-out shafts. A common problem.

As far as the extra spring that doesn't do anything~~~ your probably finding the governor linkage spring (ref. #232, find in the Alternator/governor group)is broken on one end or came loose. Oft times that spring can be reformed on the broken end & reattached, but a new one might be necessary.

A new fuel filter & clean out the carb. bowl, just for fun, and you should be idling back down as normal.

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