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Briggs powered Cub won't idle down

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Briggs 16.5 horse.
Model 312777
Type 0150-E1
Code 990414ZO

This is on a Cub Cadet 1600 belonging to a fellow I work with. Throttles up and runs fine, then won't idle back down. We're figuring there is a butterfly return spring or something that isn't hooked up quite right. There is one small spring that doesn't seem to do anything; might be the one hooked up wrong. Can anybody post up a picture of diagram of the governor & carb linkage?

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New carb within the last couple years. The butterfly on the carb does not close as it should when the throttle is lowered. I haven't seen it myself, but he tells me there doesn't seem to be much pulling back to closed position, i.e. the spring not hooked up right. How the governor can still control the RPM as it should kind of boggles my mind.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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